Monday, February 1, 2010

Artist's Retreat Weekend

I had the wonderful pleasure to spend the weekend in the Pocono mountains with a super talented group of ladies at what we've dubbed our annual "Artist's Retreat". We decided that name was more appropriate than our earlier name of "Beading Weekend", as it has grown into much more than just beading and we felt it truly reflected the talent represented. We knew the level of creativity and craftsmanship surely deserved the classification of "art" and decided to call it so! It was so nice to not only get away from all of the distractions of home but to spend time crafting and chatting with such a terrific bunch!! The core group of ladies have been beading together for quite some time and have been kind enough to allow me and others to come along. It was heaven!! Crafting from morning into the wee hours with the occasional break for eating, drinking wine and conversing. Oh......I forgot to mention the jacuzzi and sauna! Like I said--heaven!!

I waisted no time in covering the breakfast nook table with stamping supplies!! Luckily, there was another table in the dining room! What a joy to work on a card from start to finish completely undisturbed!! To have the chance to stamp like that all weekend long.....bliss!!! I just wish I could have brought more supplies with me (meaning the other half of my stuff that wouldn't fit into the car!!)

My mom and master craftswoman (really!!) took a break from her usual Ukrainian folk crafts and played with some knitting. She eventually returned to the folk art knitting a sock with size 000 needles. Now, I don't knit but even I know that those are some tiny needles!!!!

Super talented beaders, jewelry makers and sisters Joanna and Elizabeth. Their bead work is absolutely gorgeous! They are both perfectionists and it shows in everything they make. I was very tempted to "borrow" a few things when they weren't looking!! Take a look at the 3-d Swarovsky crystal heart Elizabeth made while there. Just gorgeous!! I want one in purple, and one in red, and one in pink, and one in black, and..........

Joanna worked on figguring out the pattern for a braclet the whole weekend. I would have thrown it out the window after an hour but she persevered and finally did it! And she did it smiling! She eventually stepped away long enough to make a very pretty card.

The super sweet and equally talented Sophie standing with her beautiful beaded ornaments and card. She's a stamper at heart....she just doesn't realize it yet!!! She made a gorgeous card! AND she stayed up with me until 2 in the morning talking and crafting......a woman after my own heart!!!!! Aren't these ornaments just amazing?? She makes up each pattern as she goes! I can't copy those ornaments but I will be using her idea for embossing the Top Note with my new Cuttlebug Meadow Lark folder!!

Uber-cool Val intended on knitting a mohawk hat from her Pretty in Punk knitting book over the weekend. She was delighted to see that Elizabeth was making a necklace using a chainmail pattern and jumped at the chance to learn the technique. By the end of the day she had finished the necklace!! AND it was gorgeous!!! The card to the right was her first attempt at card making and she gave it her own special touch with great colors and some distressing!

Learning the technique............ Val with her choker half-way done........... the finished product!!!

Here are some stampers in the making trying their hand at watercoloring using reinkers. We had some really beautiful results! I'm so proud of you, ladies!!!

We decided that since this was an "Artist's Retreat" that we should create a gallery to display our works. The mantle became our spot to showcase all of the beautiful things we made. Thanks for a terrific weekend, all!! It was food for the soul!!!


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