Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging.....Take two!

Okay--can someone please tell me where I lost 4 months?? I started this blog in August with full intentions of posting regularly. I thought I could encourge myself to focus on my "creating" and not so much my "hoarding" of supplies. Anyway......POOF!!! 4 months gone! So the kids went back to school, extra-curricular activites started again, new routines, baby demanding more attention as he gets more active..........I get it! I'm kind of short on time. But I would have never guessed so much time had elapsed!! :( Please forgive me!! As I journey toward self-improvement I hope we can inspired each other to grow and become better! My immediate goals are to become more organized (in my crafting and in my overall life) and focus on doing and not planning to do. It just seems that every year as New Year resolution time rolls around I have the same list over and over again! I openly decree that this year will be different!!! How?? 1- I am determined to actually make it happen and 2-you will be here to keep me honest!!! ;) I hope you're willing to take this journey with me!!!

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